What makes a great leader?

Smart CEO magazine polled the CEOs of their Future 50 winning companies on the attributes that make a great leader.  The list comprises Innovator, Example-Setter, Decider, Communicator, Servant Coach, Team-Builder, Risk Taker, Motivator, Self-Improver, Creator, Visionary, Change Agent, Listener.

No leader can or should be everything all the time. Yet, some are absolutely necessary all the time.  I like these five: Visionary, Team-Builder, Motivator, Listener and Self-Improver.

Any leader who can clearly set the direction, build and motivate the team to execute, who listens deeply to all stakeholder groups and who strives to be better every day is a leader to watch.

Do you know a great leader?  What do you think are the most important attributes of a great leader?

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