How We Work

Our Approach

Our clients do meaningful and important work. They house families, educate children, find peaceful solutions to discord, and preserve our planet. Their contributions to our cities, our society, and our world are immeasurable, and we are here to help.

Onward consultants approach each engagement with a can-do collaborative spirit and an attitude of customer service. We have a boots-on-the-ground style to help you plan and implement important work. We don’t just identify what needs to be done — we give you options, create tools, and can complete the work with you.

We pair you with a proven lead consultant with more than a decade of hands-on, executive leadership and industry-specific experience to help you diagnose issues, develop strategic options, manage performance, and finish projects.

Knowing that you need to make the decisions, we gather relevant facts and frame the most critical issues to help you make the best decisions. Onward tailors each engagement to the unique opportunities and challenges your organization is facing. We are collaborative, customer-focused, intellectually curious, and driven to improve.

Most strategic engagements last four months. Project-based work meets the timeline you need.

Our Promise

We understand mission work and the passion and promise it contains. Each member of our team has dedicated her life to cause-related work.

At the same time, we understand what you want: exceptional value for your money, integrity, and work delivered on time.

This is our promise.

  • Value for money As former nonprofit leaders, we know how to squeeze quarters out of nickels. We bring that same thrift to each client project and contribute extra value by developing your ability to sustain the work after we leave. We want every client to say, “We got much more than we paid for.”
  • Unimpeachable integrity We adhere to the highest professional standards in all that we do. You will never have a missed deadline, an unreturned phone call, or an unfinished product. We will always remain independent and present the facts honestly and completely. Onward will exceed your expectations.
  • On time We deliver at the right pace. We understand that change management takes time and we recognize that leaders often need a project executed quickly. We leverage the knowledge of the group and can work nights and weekends so you have the information when you need it.